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Discover how MWorx™ leverages global best practises in getting rid of the headaches and challenges of automating processes, enabling quicker access to market.

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Compliance to global quality management standards made simple & affordable

Secure and standardised collaboration, with access to specialised resources and skills with QMS experience. Leverage these world-class resources and platform for the automation of your business.



ISO 13485


ISO 19443


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Why MWorx™?

The Manufacturing Worx (MWORX™) platform is vital for any manufacturing organisation who want to scale with confidence, simplifying and connecting clients and suppliers to ultimately reduce time spent on managing data and improving the customer experience. This cross-system integrated solution is the perfect space for easy access to scarce and specialised resources, using an automation framework that allows for quick and agile adaptation, giving you flexibility to scale and automate where you need it most.

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Business Processes as a Service

Where the aim of traditional BPA (Business-process-automation) is to reduce labour costs, BPaaS (Business-process-as-a-service) reduces labour requirements through increased automation, thereby cutting costs in the process. Reimagine your business processes and learn how your data mixed with emerging technologies can empower your teams.

Integrate your business

Coordinate the information, processes and people associated with the lifecycle of a product across your business verticals. Decrease production errors, cycle iterations and, ultimately, increase your speed to market and compliance to QMS standards.

Cradle-To-Grave Traceability

Trace and manage all the different aspects of your environment, including quotes, orders, customer data, derived production data, production parameters, process documentation, materials, work-centres and finished products.

Standardisation of processes

Use standardised workflow processes to coordinate the flow of work in your company. Enforce the use of approved manufacturing sequences to ensure repeatability and compliance to standards. This is crucial in obtaining and managing your certification for work in controlled industries like Aviation, Medical and Nuclear.

Linked production ecosystem

Achieving scalable production with advanced manufacturing is virtually impossible without an end-to-end management system in place. MWORX™ establishes an ecosystem, where different stages of the production workflow are linked together to achieve streamlined and digitalised manufacturing process management.

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Manufacturing is an ever changing field, disruptions in your industry won’t end and leaders in this field won’t give up their titles easily. That’s why we aren’t going to stop delivering solutions, researching, and developing new cutting edge ways to help the underdogs become more agile, but we cannot achieve this without YOUR continuous inputs, feedback and imagination.

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